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Using Ubiquiti WiFi products as WiFi Repeaters (also known as WiFi Extenders, or WiFi Boosters) is simple.

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Case 1 - Main AP is NOT a Ubiquiti UniFi AP

We recommend one of the Universal WiFi products.

Case 2 - Main AP is a Ubiquiti UniFi AP

All Ubiquiti Access Points (APs) support the concept of wireless Uplinks/Downlinks. In a nut shell, you have two options when connecting a UniFi AP to the local network (LAN):

  • LAN cable. A cable between the UniFi AP and the LAN. This is the most common method.
  • Wireless. A UniFi AP makes a wireless link to another UniFi AP that is already on the LAN. The wirelessly-linked UniFi AP needs only power; no wired LAN connection. It is acting as a repeater as it is has exactly the same functionality as all other UniFi APs in the same Wireless LAN (WLAN) group.

How to Set Up Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points as Repeaters

It is very simple; there are multiple ways as shown below

  1. METHOD 1: Connect the UniFi AP you want to use as a repeater as normal (with LAN cable) to the LAN. Make sure it is also within WiFi range of at least one other adopted UniFi AP. Adopt into the controller as you normally would. Then remove the LAN connection, but keep the power connection. After a while, the controller will notice and propose using a wireless uplink to re-connect the repeater UAP with the network.
  2. METHOD 2: Power up a Factory Default UniFi AP with power only (no Ethernet LAN connection) within WiFi range of 1 or more already adopted UniFi APs. Soon the controller will notice the orphan UniFi AP, and propose that you Adopt Wirelessly. Simply click the ADOPT button on the controller and sit back.
  3. METHOD 3:The Ubiquiti Mesh range of products also support wireless links between UniFi APs, with the bonus that they are weatherproof and support daisy-chaining where you can have repeaters connected (wirelessly) to repeaters.

Ubiquiti UniFi Repeater Products

All Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi products support the Repeater function. See UniFi APs for suitable products.

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