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PTP-LTU-Lite | PtP Bridge Link - 8 km, 350 Mbps, 5 GHzPTP-LTU-Lite | PtP Bridge Link - 8 km, 350 Mbps, 5 GHzPTP-LTU-Lite | PtP Bridge Link - 8 km, 350 Mbps, 5 GHz
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With this product, you can quickly install a Point-to-Point (PtP) network bridge link. It comes pre-configured so all you have to do is point-plug-and-play.


  • File sharing between buildings
  • Internet/email connection extension to a remote building
  • Video surveillance using IP cameras.
  • Others ...


Clear Line of Sight Range Up to 400 m  Up to 8 km
TCP/IP speed one-way 180 Mbps 30 Mbps
TCP/IP speed two-way 350 Mbps 60 Mbps
Band 5 GHz
Note: Speeds assume absolute clear Line of Sight, and no interference.

What You Get

  • 2 x Ubiquiti™ LTU-Lite units. These fully weatherproof units come with antenna, electronics and pole mount.
  • 2 x Ubiquiti Power Over Ethernet (POE) Injectors with Australian power cords. Each POE Injector has a free LAN port (RJ45) providing the Ethernet connection at each end.
  • 2 x Pre-Configuration to Ubiquiti Best Practices. While you can change the configuration later if your needs change, you should not need to perform any configuration when delivered.

What You Provide

  • Mounting Pole for the outdoor unit: See Related Products (below) for suggestions
  • Ethernet Cable: You need to provide 2 externally rated, grounded Ethernet cables to go between the outdoor units and the indoor POE Injectors. Choose the lengths needed from our range of Premade Grounded Cables.
    Note: Ubiquiti's warranty conditions require installation with grounded cables.


  • 8 km max. Range. Clear Line of Sight (LOS) required between the antennas.
  • Bi-directional aggregate TCP/IP throughput of 350Mbps, and a one-directional, TCP/IP throughput of 280Mbps.
  • Layer 2 bridge link. This is not a routed link - meaning you are effectively joining two buildings into one virtual LAN. LAN protocols like DHCP and Microsoft Networking work across the bridge without any configuration. Because the units are effectively 2-port learning network switches, they do not pass unnecessary LAN traffic to the other building. That is, LAN traffic between PCs in Building 1 does not flow over the wireless link into Building 2; maximising available bandwidth and performance.
  • Outdoor use.
  • Horizontal & Vertical polarization.
  • Supplied with mast mounting kit.
  • Cisco™ VLAN and VoIP compatible. This product is compatible with Cisco™ VLAN and VoIP products.

Do you want WiFi with that?

OK, so you install this PtP link to join Main Building to Remote Building. If you now need to add WiFi coverage in the Remote Building, the simplest solution is to install one of these options in the Remote Building.

  1. a Ubiquiti Access Point
  2. a Basic Access Point

Default Configuration

This is the default configuration that we ship. You can edit as needed.

  • TCP/IP address: and Note: these do NOT have to match the network addresses you are using on your LAN. In fact, it is much better if they are not part of your LAN address space. The only time you would want to change these is if you ALREADY are using these addresses on your network and they would clash.
  • TCP/IP subnet mask:
  • Encryption: WPA2-AES, with a unique passphrase


Each unit comes with a free pole-mount with azimuth (left-right) adjustment. Other mounting options (including the Quick Mount) are listed below.

Note: This kit does NOT include poles.

Product Specifications

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